York’s Leading Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center

White Deer Run Treatment Network is a comprehensive network of addiction treatment centers that boasts several locations throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Our White Deer Run of York program offers care at two nearby centers whose specialized services reflect the entire continuum of effective, compassionate treatment for chemical dependence, substance abuse, and certain co-occurring mental health concerns.

At White Deer Run of York, located at Mount Davies Drive, it is here that the road to lifelong recovery can truly begin. Each adult who seeks to heal at White Deer Run of York will be thoroughly assessed upon admission, and should it be deemed necessary, he or she can participate in the cutting-edge detoxification supports offered by the medical and mental health professionals at the Davies Drive location.

From there, detox participants can progress seamlessly to the next steps in their treatment plans by receiving services at White Deer Run of York at Mount Zion. At this center, men and women can benefit from comprehensive rehabilitation services designed to address the ways that addiction can impact the mind, body, and spirit.