White Deer Run Renewal Center

Men and women experience addiction differently, so they need to approach their recovery processes differently. Our all-women halfway house allows our clients to heal and recover with women who can support them because they know what they’re going through – they’re going through it too.

Some women struggle to carry the lessons they learned in residential treatment over to their life outside of their rehab center. At Renewal Center of White Deer Run, women are able to relearn independent living skills so that they can continue their sobriety after treatment.

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At Renewal Center, I felt more comfortable being in an environment surrounded by other women going through similar struggles in addiction. The environment and staff at Renewal Center allowed me to break free from the vicious cycle of addiction and go back to a more normal life!

– Britney A.

Our Specialized Programs

Johnstown's Leading Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab Halfway House for Women

Supportive Living Environment

Renewal Center of White Deer Run is a halfway house for adult women who are in early recovery from chemical dependency and certain co-occurring mental health conditions. Located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Renewal Center of White Deer Run is one of two gender-specific supportive living environments within the White Deer Run Treatment Network.

Your Specific Needs & Goals

While living at Renewal Center of White Deer Run, women receive the support and guidance that they need in order to develop independent living skills, incorporate the lifestyle changes that will support their continued sobriety, and successfully transition out of treatment and into the workforce. Comprehensive services that are offered at Renewal Center of White Deer Run include psychiatric consultations and medication management, individual therapy, and group therapy.

Renewal Center of White Deer Run also offers a specialized opioid addiction treatment option through the H.O.P.E. Program, which guides individuals through the process of rebalancing their brain chemistry to facilitate successful recovery from addiction to heroin, fentanyl, prescription painkillers, and other opioids.

Treatment Philosophy

Renewal Center of White Deer Run is dedicated to empowering adult women to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental challenges of recovery. The center’s personalized approach to rehab involves teaching life skills, building support systems, improving coping and decision-making capabilities, and coordinating the aftercare services that are essential to maintaining ongoing recovery from addiction and co-occurring mental illness.

The treatment philosophy at this life-affirming halfway house in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, incorporates the 12-Step philosophy, choice theory, and reality therapy to help recovering women learn how to gain effective control of their choices, their actions, and their lives.