White Deer Run Renewal Center

Pittsburgh’s Leading Women’s Addiction Halfway House

At Renewal Center of White Deer Run, we help women struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues build a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

Homelike Addiction Treatment Environment

Renewal Center of White Deer Run is a 25-bed halfway house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that provides a homelike treatment environment for adult women who have completed residential rehab for chemical dependency and certain co-occurring mental health disorders but who can benefit from a structured step-down level of support.  At Renewal Center of White Deer Run, women in early recovery live and receive treatment in a safe and supportive atmosphere where they can develop independent living skills and begin a productive transition into the workforce.

Comprehensive Rehab Program in Pittsburgh

The women who choose to continue their path of recovery at Renewal Center of White Deer Run in Pittsburgh benefit from a comprehensive rehab program that features medication management, individual therapy, group therapy, psychoeducational groups, and psychiatric consultation.  Additional services offered through the Renewal Center of White Deer Run program include the HOPE Program, a specialized rehab program that helps to rebalance the brain chemistry of women who are in early recovery from opiate addiction. Minimum length of stay at Renewal Center of White Deer Run is 90 days, but women may stay in the program longer based upon their specific needs.

Our Therapeutic Elements for Addiction Treatment

The women who heal at Renewal Center of White Deer Run progress through a rehab program that has been developed from a person-centered perspective. Treatment modalities include Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing, and the principals of the 12-Step recovery model. The following are among the many elements that may be incorporated into an individual’s rehab at Renewal Center of White Deer Run:

Medication Management – Renewal Center of White Deer Run provides a controlled and closely supervised process for individuals who have medication management needs. Staff members keep all medications locked up when not in use, and the women are expected to self-administer their medications as directed while under the supervision of one of our clinical counselors. Women who are enrolled in a medication assisted treatment program involving Vivitrol will be transported to the location where they receive their monthly injections. Vivitrol program participants may also meet with a psychiatrist during their medication appointment. For other women who have medication management needs, appointments with a psychiatrist may be scheduled every month on an as-needed basis.

Individual therapy – Each week during a woman’s stay at Renewal Center of White Deer Run in Pittsburgh, she will be able to participate in two individual therapy sessions with one of our skilled and experienced counselors. Individual therapy sessions can be valuable opportunities for women in early recovery to process success and setbacks as well as receive personalized professional guidance on issues that may be impacting her continued progress.

Group Therapy – Renewal Center of White Deer Run provides women with myriad opportunities to participate in group sessions, including psychoeducational groups, 12-step groups, and a variety of additional groups that address a wide range of important topics. Led by trained and experienced counselors, group sessions at Renewal Center of White Deer Run are excellent forums in which women in recovery can share their insights and understandings, learn from the experiences and perspectives of others, and hone the effective interpersonal skills that will be essential to their continued recovery.  The following are examples of the many groups that may be offered during a woman’s residence at Renewal Center of White Deer Run:

  • Reflections group (held on a nightly basis)
  • Peer-led groups (four times each week)
  • 12-step AA/NA meetings (14 times each week)
  • Chemical dependency groups (twice each week)
  • Psychoeducational groups (20 times each week, run by clinical technicians)
  • Bereavement Group

The specific content of groups will often be determined by the needs and issues that are expressed by the participants. However, the following are among the common topics that may be addressed in groups at Renewal Center of White Deer Run:

  • Women’s Issues
  • 12-Step Study
  • Big Book Study
  • Anger management
  • Budgeting
  • Life Skills
  • Mental health
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Spirituality

Family therapy – If they so desire, women who receive treatment at Renewal Center of White Deer Run in Pittsburgh may participate in a limited number of family therapy sessions during their time in the program. Family therapy offers several benefits, including improving communication, encouraging healthier relationships, and providing family members with an opportunity to address the ways that they may have contributed to and/or been impacted by their loved one’s substance abuse. Family therapy is not a requirement for enrolling in the rehab program at Renewal Center of White Deer Run, and is conducted only when appropriate and with the approval of the woman in treatment.

Continuing care – When a woman is preparing for the end of her stay at Renewal Center of White Deer Run, she and her counselor will prepare a thorough aftercare plan. The purpose of the aftercare planning process is to ensure that all services and resources that may support the woman’s continued recovery have been identified. Depending upon the specific strengths and needs of the individual, aftercare planning may incorporate referrals for additional professional care, appointments with community-based resources, and whatever other elements are necessary to allow the woman to continue the progress that she has made both during the residential rehab phase of her treatment and during her time at Renewal Center of White Deer Run.

Empowering Women to Overcome Addiction

At Renewal Center of White Deer Run in Pittsburgh, we understand the challenges that women in recovery are dealing with as they attempt to regain control over their lives, and we honor and value the perspective, experiences, and strength that each woman brings to the treatment process. Our goal is to ensure that our program remains a safe, structured, and supportive environment in which women can continue to learn, grow, and heal. When an individual completes her time at our program, we want her to depart with the skills and capabilities that will support a healthy transition out of treatment and will empower her to successfully pursue a happier, healthier, and more satisfying future.

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