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Drug Rehabilitation Pennsylvania
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Confidential Drug and Alcohol Assessment


Welcome to White Deer Run Treatment Centers

White Deer Run Treatment Centers' caring and professional staff is available at all times to assist you and your loved ones in obtaining rehabilitation services and guidance for drug addiction and alcoholism. Let us help you as we have helped thousands of others who have alcohol and drug for help and experience a life change.

White Deer Run/Cove Forge Behavioral Health System is a behavioral health care system of dedicated professionals with a continuous focus on:

• Meeting the needs of a culturally diverse population.
• Staff Development.
• Expanding the Reach of Our Services.
• Cost Effectiveness.

White Deer Run/Cove Forge also offers the following specialty services:

Relapse Prevention Group

African-American Program

Methadone to Abstinence Program

DUI Program

Women's Group

Family Program

Criminal Justice Program

Residential Dual Diagnosis Program (MISA)

Secure Sex Offender Program


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updates or special announcements.

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Pennsylvania Drug Program for the Re-Integration, Development and Empowerment of exploited individuals
Program for the Re-Integration, Development and Empowerment of exploited individuals

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Drug Treatment and Alcohol Rehabilitation

White Deer Run Recovery Centers' primary mission is to offer a broad range of alcohol rehabilitation programs and drug treatment options to individuals and their families struggling with the diseases of drug addiction and alcoholism. Drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation programs at White Deer Run are provided by an experienced staff of counselors, therapists, and professionals in the field of substance abuse treatment. Treatment services include counseling, education, training in the tools of recovery and how they apply to freedom from drug addiction and alcoholism, and introduction to the recovery community during an individual’s stay in our drug treatment centers.

Rehabilitation accreditation and Pennsylvania state licensure for detox, inpatient residential treatment programs, day treatment, outpatient, and online drug and alcohol rehabilitation services assure a quality of care unmatched elsewhere in the treatment industry. Our drug rehabilitation centers have helped thousands of individuals who had seemingly lost all hope learn a new way of living free from the bonds of addiction and alcoholism. White Deer Run offers a new hope for addicts and alcoholics, a freedom from drug addiction, alcoholism and other addictive disorders.

Our philosophy simply states that each patient will be treated as an individual, receiving a treatment plan tailored to his or her specific needs.

The goal for each patient is unchanging: to realize a full and rewarding lifestyle, free from chemical dependency.

The facilities provide a relaxed atmosphere that lends itself to personal reflection and healing for adults and adolescents alike. Because of our many inpatient and outpatient sites we are able to offer a wide variety of specialty treatment programs, in addition to medically supervised detoxification programs.

Drug Rehabilitation at White Deer Run Alcohol Rehabilitation and Drug Treatment Programs in Pennsylvania is covered by most insurance plans. We will work closely with you to address your financial circumstances and benefits. Please give us a call at (877) 907-6237 so we can assist you in developing the best drug rehabilitation and alcoholism treatment services possible for you or the person you love.

Finally, as a proud member of CRC Health Group, we also embrace CRC’s five core values:

  • Respect – for our patients, our employees, and our community
  • Integrity – in our dealings with all those whose lives we touch
  • Accountability – to our patients and their families, and to our colleagues
  • Responsibility – for the decisions we make and the actions we take
  • Excellence – in every task we perform

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