White Deer Run New Directions

We offer an intimate, homelike environment for men looking for a longer-term residential treatment experience. Our homelike environment will help our clients hone their newly developed skills from residential rehabilitation and apply them in the manner that will best support a healthy transition out of treatment and the successful pursuit of long-term recovery.

Our goal at New Directions of White Deer Run is to help men develop independent living skills while learning how to live sober. Typical days are filled with the opportunity to participate in a variety of therapeutic interventions ranging from medication management to individual and group therapy.

Because recovery from a substance use disorder is a lifelong journey. Our counselors work with each client to create a comprehensive plan that utilizes community-based services and other resources that will help support them in their recovery journey.

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New Directions' treatment philosophy and programs allowed me to focus on the physical and mental obstacles that I was encountering in my road to sobriety. I can't recommend New Directions enough to those undergoing similar obstacles in life.

– Ryan R.

Our Specialized Programs

Johnstown's Leading Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab Halfway House for Men

Supportive Living Environment

Adult men who can benefit from a supportive living environment to guide them through early recovery from addiction can get the help that they need at New Directions of White Deer Run. Located in historic Johnstown, Pennsylvania, New Directions of White Deer Run is one of two gender-specific halfway houses in the White Deer Run Treatment Network.

During their time at New Directions of White Deer Run, men whose lives have been impacted by substance abuse, chemical dependency, and certain co-occurring mental health conditions will learn to incorporate the behavioral changes that will support a successful sober lifestyle. New Directions of White Deer Run helps residents to develop the independent living skills that will enable them to transition out of care, and pursue a productive and satisfying future, free from the constraints of addiction.

Your Specific Needs & Goals

Depending upon a man’s specific needs and goals, his time at New Directions of White Deer Run may include psychiatric consultations, medication management services, individual therapy sessions, and a wide range of group therapy opportunities.

Men who have struggled with opioid addiction may also participate in specialized treatment via the H.O.P.E. Program. This innovative and effective option helps men to rebalance their brain chemistry, which may have been affected by chronic abuse of prescription painkillers, heroin, and other opioids.

Treatment Philosophy

The goal of New Directions of White Deer Run is to prepare adult men to address and overcome the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental obstacles that they may encounter on their recovery journey. New Directions of White Deer Run places a premium on providing personalized rehab services that promote the development of essential skills to help men progress from treatment through early recovery and toward successful long-term sobriety.

To ensure that men in early recovery have the skills and support that they need, New Directions of White Deer Run incorporates a host of techniques and methods, including principles of the 12-Step recovery model, choice therapy, and reality therapy.