Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Programs in Pennsylvania

At White Deer Run Treatment Network, we help individuals struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues build a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

Outpatient Programming

Outpatient Programming for Addiction in Pennsylvania

The White Deer Run Treatment Network is dedicated to providing a range of treatment options to ensure that individuals who are struggling with chemical dependency and certain co-occurring mental health disorders receive the type and level of care that is best suited to meeting their specific needs. For many people, especially those who have completed residential rehabilitation but who are in need of a structured step-down level of support to ease their transition out of treatment, the ideal solution involves outpatient care.

Within our network, individuals who can benefit from treatment on an outpatient basis may enroll in an outpatient treatment program (OP), an intensive outpatient program (IOP), or a partial hospitalization program (PHP). The features and differences among these types of treatment are described below.

Outpatient Treatment (OP)

Outpatient Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

The least intensive form of outpatient care in the White Deer Run Treatment Network is outpatient treatment, which is provided at our York PHP location.

While the specifics of OP at each of these locations may vary, the general goals, principles, and processes are similar. Individuals in outpatient treatment participate in two-hour group therapy sessions once or twice every week. These groups, which are led by experienced counselors, address a range of topics, and the specific content in any one group will likely be influenced by the contributions of participants. The following are among the common topics that may be addressed in OP group therapy sessions: the disease concept of addiction, relapse prevention, life stressors, coping strategies, relationships and boundaries, the 12-step recovery process, and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Most OP locations within the White Deer Run Treatment Network offer group therapy on a variety of days and times so that participants can continue to meet their work, school, and personal obligations while receiving treatment. The typical length of stay in one of our OP programs is eight to twelve weeks.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Substance Use Disorder

As its name implies, IOP is designed for individuals who require a more robust treatment experience than is provided in our traditional outpatient treatment programs, but whose needs do not rise to the level of necessitating residential rehabilitation or partial hospitalization. IOP services are provided for adults only at our York PHP outpatient location. Programs within the White Deer Run Treatment Network do not currently offer IOP for adolescents.

IOP participants typically complete nine hours of therapy per week, divided into three three-hour sessions. As is the case with OP, programs may offer IOP sessions at a variety of times, such as mornings and evenings, so that individuals can receive treatment while still meeting essential work, school, personal, or other responsibilities. Individual and family therapy sessions may be scheduled on an as-needed basis, but the core of IOP is an intensive curriculum that is addressed via group therapy sessions.

In addition to issues that may naturally arise during the course of group therapy sessions, the following topics will be covered during IOP at programs within the White Deer Run Treatment Network:

  • Education of the Disease
  • High Risk Situations
  • Recovery Support
  • Physical Recovery
  • Recovery and Mental Health
  • Recovery and the Family
  • Relationships and Recovery
  • Humor and Recovery
  • Recovery and Stress Management
  • Character Defects / Value Systems and Recovery
  • Criminal Thinking and Recovery
  • Legal System and Recovery
  • Holidays and Recovery

Typical length of stay in IOP at a White Deer Run program is eight to sixteen weeks, depending upon the needs of the participant and the progress that he or she makes while in treatment.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Partial Hospitalization Program for Addiction & Substance Use Disorder

PHP is intended to serve as an intensive continuation of residential rehabilitation programming. We offer PHP services for adults at our Pittsburgh location. None of our programs currently provide PHP services for adolescents.

As is the case with OP and IOP, group therapy is an essential component of the PHP experience. However, unlike OP and IOP, which provide individual therapy only on an as-needed basis, the PHP schedule includes two 30-minute individual therapy sessions each week. PHP participants may also schedule two psychiatric appointments each month if such sessions are desired and determined to be clinically appropriate. Family therapy sessions may be scheduled on an as-needed basis.

In all three levels of outpatient care at programs within the White Deer Run Treatment Network, aftercare planning is conducted on a continuing basis throughout an individual’s time with us. Therapists and/or counselors work with all program participants to develop a thorough plan that identifies the resources and support services that will help them make a successful transition either home or to the next level of care while maintaining and building upon the progress that they made while in treatment.

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