Professional Referrals

At all of the centers that make up the White Deer Run Treatment Network, we strongly value the relationships that we have developed and will continue to develop with referring professionals. We recognize that in order to help individuals achieve true recovery, coordinated support must be provided from various resources in the individual’s life. For this reason, we welcome collaboration with outside professionals and openly accept recommendations for referrals into our various programs.

Referral Sources We Have Worked With

Some of the referral sources that we have had the pleasure of working with at White Deer Run Treatment Network include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Hospitals
  • Inpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers
  • Other outpatient treatment providers
  • Private clinicians
  • Physicians
  • Employers
  • Social workers
  • Therapists
  • Mobile assessors
  • Insurance companies
  • Specialty Treatment Courts (e.g. drug court, mental health court, and PRIDE)
  • County offices for substance abuse and mental health
  • Probation and parole officers
  • Unions
  • Attorneys
  • Marketing specialists

Providing Information & Support

Additionally, we work with family members of individuals who are battling chemical dependency and who are seeking information and support as they try to get their loved ones the help that they need. All inquiries are welcome.

For professionals who refer participants into programming at White Deer Run Treatment Network, we strive to work with the referral sources while the individuals are engaged in treatment. We request that program participants provide our staff with written consent for communication with referral sources through the signing of a release of information documents, authorizing us to remain in contact with their previous treatment providers so that an intensive coordination of care is allowed.

Recommending Level of Care

When referral sources contact White Deer Run Treatment Network, our qualified staff members will collect the pertinent information about the prospective participant and will then work with the participant to verify the information that has been received. All efforts are put forth to make sure that individuals are provided with recommendations for the most appropriate level of care and to ensure that the transition process into treatment at one of our centers is smooth and streamlined.

If you feel that an individual in your care could benefit from the comprehensive services offered at White Deer Run Treatment Network, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our knowledgeable intake staff will work diligently with you to ensure that the most appropriate care is recommended and received.

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