White Deer Run Lehigh

Our goal at White Deer Run of Lehigh is to provide the most well-rounded addiction treatment experience possible. Your days will be filled with the opportunity to participate in a variety of therapeutic interventions ranging from medication management to individual and group therapy.

Comprehensive Continuum of Services

Located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in Lehigh County White Deer Run of Lehigh is a 36-bed rehab center for adult men and women struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our 8-bed medically-monitored detox program is a safe place for treatment participants to withdraw from substances under the watchful eye of our compassionate and experienced medical staff. We also provide a 28-bed rehabilitation program for individuals who are seeking support as they work towards a life free from the influence of substances. Our addiction rehab program includes individual, group, and family therapy provided by an expert team of caring mental health professionals in an environment of strong peer support. At all levels of care, participants are invited to be active in their own treatment, working collaboratively with our experienced staff of therapists, social workers, nurses, and psychiatrists.

Our Treatment Philosophy

At White Deer Run of Lehigh in Lehigh County, we believe that chemical dependency is a chronic, progressive, and possibly fatal disease that affects individuals, families, and even entire communities. However, we also believe that there is hope for healing. Proper rehab can stop the progression of the disease and allow those with the disease to recover. We believe that successful rehab begins with detox and continues with ongoing rehabilitation, groups, and other opportunities for care in the community, so we educate each participant about the need for ongoing support. With proper treatment, we believe it is possible for those who are struggling with substance abuse to live long and healthy lives free from the influence of substances.

Uncompromising, High-Quality Care

Along those lines, the mission at our addiction rehab center is to provide uncompromising, high-quality care for people with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental illnesses. In pursuit of this mission, our treatment is marked by an understanding of, and sensitivity to, our participants and their families. Furthermore, we consider each individual to be just that: an individual. As such, we respect the unique strengths and struggles that each person brings to rehab and provide a specialized plan that addresses each person’s needs. Understanding that the most effective care takes place in a community, we also work closely with other groups, individuals, and organizations to ensure that each participant has the best possible chance for successful rehab.

Our Specialized Programs

We empower each individual who chooses to heal with us the opportunity to take an active role in their recovery journey by working together with our staff of therapists, social works, psychiatrists, etc.

Recovery from a substance use disorder is a lifelong journey and we are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive services that will prepare each participant to achieve their treatment goals.

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