Our Staff

Meet the kind and compassionate members of our staff who are devoted to helping you on your path to recovery:

White Deer Run Staff

WDR - Allenwood Staff

WDR - Blue Mountain Staff

WDR - Cove Forge Williamsburg Staff

WDR - Johnstown Staff

WDR - Lancaster Staff

WDR - Lehigh Staff

  • Dominic Marfisi, Ph.D., ICCDP - Regional Director – Eastern PA
  • Muhamad Aly Rifai, M.D. - Medical Director/Director of Psychiatry
  • Melissa Hightower, MSW, LSW, CADC - Clinical Supervisor/Manager
  • Lisa Hassel - Business Office Manager

WDR - Pittsburgh Staff

  • Marsha Zablotney, LCP, NCC, CAADC, CCDP Diplomate, ICAADC, CTRTC - Director of the Renewal Center and New Directions

WDR - York Staff

  • Sarah Hawkins, M.Ed. - Assistant Regional Director, Region 6

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