Our Residential Addiction Treatment Programs in Pennsylvania

At White Deer Run Treatment Network, we help individuals struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues build a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

About Residential Programming

Residential rehabilitation is the most intensive level of care that is offered by the addiction rehab centers within the White Deer Run Treatment Network in Pennsylvania. With round-the-clock supervision, a structured schedule, a range of therapeutic opportunities, and dedicated teams of experienced professionals, residential rehabilitation provides adults with the comprehensive support that they need to overcome chemical dependency and certain co-occurring conditions.

Types of Treatment

While specific aspects of residential rehab may vary from location to location, and participants’ treatment plans will vary according to their unique needs, the following are among the common elements that are likely to be included in a residential rehabilitation program at rehab centers within the White Deer Run Treatment Network:

Medication management: Individuals whose chemical dependency is accompanied by a co-occurring mental health disorder may have medications incorporated into their treatment plan. In such cases, residential rehab programs within the White Deer Run Treatment Network provide medication management services to ensure the individual’s continued healthy progress while in our care. Individuals who have medication management needs will be seen by a psychiatrist within a short time frame following their admission into residential rehabilitation, and additional members of our programs’ medical teams will be available for medication administration and management throughout the individual’s time in treatment.

Individual therapy: One-on-one sessions between an individual in rehab and his or her counselor or therapist can be excellent opportunities for processing successes or setbacks and addressing issues that the individual may be hesitant to address during group sessions. In residential rehab programs at centers within the White Deer Run Treatment Network, individual therapy sessions are typically scheduled at least once every week, with additional sessions usually available to be added on an as-needed basis.

Group therapy: Group therapy is an essential core element of residential rehab at centers within the White Deer Run Treatment Network in Pennsylvania. Groups offer a range of benefits to participants, including the opportunity to share insights and benefit from the experiences of others who are or have been in similar situations. Also, group therapy sessions provide a safe and professionally supervised environment in which individuals can engage in productive communication and practice other healthy interpersonal skills that can be valuable in their efforts to reenter the workforce and otherwise meet the obligations of successful long-term recovery.

Specific schedules and topics will vary from center to center, but all residential rehab programs within the White Deer Run Treatment Network provide multiple group therapy opportunities on a daily basis. The following are examples of the types of groups that may be included during an individual’s residential rehab experience:

  • Back to the Basics of a Recovery Program
  • 12-Steps – The First 3 Steps
  • 12-Step Meetings
  • Sponsorship
  • Coping Strategies
  • Disease Concept of Addiction
  • Gender-specific Issues
  • Recovery Celebrations
  • Community Meetings
  • Living Skills
  • Self-care
  • Understanding Mental Health Disorders
  • Anxiety Group
  • Depression Group
  • Bipolar Disorder Group
  • Anger Management Group

Family therapy: At the rehab centers within the White Deer Run Treatment Network we understand the many ways that family members can be impacted by an individual’s substance abuse, and we value the essential role that family members can play in supporting their loved one’s recovery efforts. In recognition of these realities, residential rehabilitation at our rehab centers typically includes family therapy on either a regularly scheduled or as-needed basis. Family therapy sessions offer many benefits to all participants, including healing divisions among family members, strengthening the family unit, improving healthy communication, providing a forum for family members to address how they have been affected by the addiction, and helping family members to develop the skills that will enable them to provide meaningful support to their loved one.

Continuing care: One of the few constants in the world of addiction treatment is that residential care is just one step on the path of lifelong recovery. In order to ensure that all who choose to heal with us are as prepared as possible to make a productive transition home or to their next level of care, we start planning for discharge the day that an individual enters rehab. The ongoing nature of the aftercare planning process ensures that we are able to develop a comprehensive plan that takes into account the progress that the individual has made during his or her time in treatment and the support that he or she will need in order to maintain and build upon that process. When an adult completes residential rehab at a program within the White Deer Run Treatment Network, he or she will leave with a thorough plan that identifies the professional referrals, community-based resources, and other support services that will contribute to his or her ongoing recovery.

Quality Care

At the addiction rehab centers within the White Deer Run Treatment Network in Pennsylvania, we appreciate the courage that is involved in the decision to enter residential rehabilitation for a substance use disorder or co-occurring mental health condition, and we honor the strength and experiences of each person who chooses to heal with us. The intensely personal nature of chemical dependency ensures that no two people will have identical treatment experiences, but each person who enters one of our programs can expect to receive quality care that has been personalized to meet his or her specific needs and that is provided in a supportive atmosphere of dignity and respect.

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