Telehealth Programming at White Deer Run of Allentown

As part of the heightened preventive measures we have put in place in response to COVID-19, White Deer Run in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is now offering services via telephone and virtual communication platforms to ensure the safety of our patients, their family members, and our staff. 

What Is Telehealth?

Learn about the benefits of telehealth

We are all getting used to new circumstances in our world, but in challenging times, it is as important as ever to seek and receive treatment for substance use disordersEveryone who is struggling with these conditions deserves to have access to compassionate care that can help them return to the level of health and happiness they once knew.

Telehealth services at White Deer Run of Allentown make this possible in our current climate. Through virtual communication, we offer real-time healthcare programming to patients and their families from the safety and convenience of home. As long as you have a phone line, you can take part in audio telehealth solutions from our facility in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Telehealth therapy lets you experience the same evidence-based programming and high-level care you would if you were at our facility. The only difference is you aren’t here in person.

White Deer Run of Allentown also offers tele-assessments, through which we help determine if our programming is a good fit for your current needs. These thorough yet convenient assessments can be administered when you feel the time is right to seek treatment.  

Telehealth has many benefits that will help you or a loved one begin to walk a better path in life. These include:

  • Greater safety 
  • More flexibility 
  • Improved access 
  • Higher levels of support 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about these telehealth services. Our philosophy remains the same: We’re dedicated to ensuring that each patient receives individualized care and has the best opportunity to realize a full and rewarding lifestyle. 

Telehealth Assessments

Telehealth assessment process at White Deer Run of Allentown

One of the most important aspects of deciding to seek treatment for a substance use disorder is making sure that you find a facility that has your best interests in mind. 

A virtual assessment gives our team of experienced professionals a peek inside your world and lets us talk to you about the symptoms and struggles you have been experiencing. Instead of having to come to our facility in Allentown, Pennsylvania, to go through this process, you can discuss your treatment history, current concerns, and long-term goals with one of our outstanding clinicians over the phone. 

We’re ready to begin this process at your convenience. All you need to do is:

  • Call us to speak with a member of our admissions team.
  • Take our tele-assessment, which will be administered by a professional clinician.
  • Ask questions about the admissions process and what to expect during treatment, and voice any concerns about the troubles you’ve been experiencing.
  • Patiently wait while we review your assessment in a matter of minutes.
  • Discuss your thoughts on our recommendation of a type and level of care that is right for you.

Taking an assessment at White Deer Run of Allentown does not place you under any obligation to receive treatment with us. We will determine what the right therapeutic programming is for your needs, whether that’s at our facility or in a different program outside of our network.

Telehealth Programming

Telehealth programming at White Deer Run of Allentown

At White Deer Run of Allentown, we take into account each person’s unique strengths when we put together an individualized treatment plan.

Our outpatient telehealth programming is available through an intensive outpatient program (IOP). This level of care is designed for individuals who need a more robust treatment experience than you would find through traditional outpatient programs but do not require partial hospitalization or inpatient care.

Our virtual IOP typically consists of three days of therapy each week for three hours per day. These therapeutic sessions are spaced out to allow for our patients to continue to work, attend classes, or fulfill other personal responsibilities as they transition bacto an independent lifestyle. For those who need assistance with medication management, we also offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT), specifically Vivitrol and buprenorphine maintenance.

Group therapy is the primary means of programming in our IOP, though you may also participate in individual and family therapy sessions on an as-needed basis.

Throughout your time in our telehealth IOP, you’ll receive the same exceptional level of care as you would in person at our facility in Allentown, Pennsylvania. By the time you’ve completed treatment, you will have the tools necessary to build a long-term foundation for better health.

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An assessment is an important first step toward treatment of and recovery from addiction.