Does Aetna Cover Drug Rehab in Pennsylvania?

Does Aetna Cover Drug Rehab?

Does Aetna Cover Drug Rehab in Pennsylvania?

If you are interested in receiving drug rehab services at White Deer Run, know that you can use your health insurance to pay for your care. If you currently hold a policy with Aetna, you may even be able to participate in our programming at little to no additional cost to you. Aetna is one of the many insurance companies that we gladly accept at our center, and we have extensive experience in working with this insurance company when individuals require the treatment that we are so pleased to offer.

It is important to note, however, that your Aetna plan may differ from another person’s, so it is crucial that you know the details of your plan in advance. For example, if you are a Pennsylvania resident with an Aetna policy, it could be different from someone else in Pennsylvania, as well as from those who have Aetna policies that were written in other states. Thus, we confirm and verify the benefits of every individual who would like to come to White Deer Run for services, and we can advocate on your behalf to ensure that your benefits will work to your advantage.

Therefore, if you would like to access the drug rehab services available within the White Deer Run network, please contact our admissions team so that we can complete an intake assessment and begin processing your Aetna insurance today.

Types of Rehab Covered

What Types of Drug Rehab Does Aetna Cover?

With advancements in drug rehab services being made every year, there are now several options for care that exist. However, not every treatment option available is covered by Aetna insurance. Because of this, it is crucial to know the kinds of services that can be paid for by your insurance policy.

Attempting to learn about all of the services covered by your Aetna plan can be rather time-consuming. Therefore, if you are interested in receiving drug rehab services, it is best to select a treatment provider and confirm if the specific services you are interested in are covered. Additionally, and prior to even doing that, it is wise to receive an assessment for treatment so that you can know the specific forms of care that you need to reach your recovery goals.

When you contact White Deer Run for treatment, we can complete an assessment for services, recommend an appropriate level of care for you, and determine if your Aetna plan will pay for the recommended treatment. We aim to take the guess work out of utilizing your insurance, and can alert you if the types of treatment that can be either fully or partially covered by your insurance.

How Much is Covered?

How Much of the Cost of Drug Rehab is Covered by Aetna?

Insurance plans from different insurance companies do not always cover the cost of services in the same way. Some policies limit the type of services that may be covered, while others may limit the dollar amount that can be allocated to a particular form of care. For these reasons, it is wise to learn about the parameters and/or limitations of your own Aetna plan so that you can better understand how much of drug rehab can be paid for by your Aetna insurance.

At White Deer Run, we can provide you with detailed information about your health insurance as it pertains to how your Aetna plan covers your care. Since this information is specific to you, our staff can contact Aetna to confirm and verify your benefits and then inform you of the exact amount that your Aetna insurance will cover. It is important to know that your plan may cover the full cost or just a percentage of your treatment at White Deer Run, so we will be as transparent as we can about how you can maximize your insurance to your advantage when seeking drug rehab services.

What Happens If Aetna Doesn't Cover All My Needs?

What Can I Do If Aetna Doesn’t Cover All of My Drug Rehab Needs?

At White Deer Run, we understand how time-consuming it can be to find the most appropriate treatment center to meet your needs. For this reason, we welcome the opportunity to work with you to devise a payment plan for services should your Aetna insurance not cover the full cost of your care.

We will not refuse you treatment simply because your health insurance does not pay for all of your treatment. Instead, we will collaborate with you to create a financial agreement that will allow you to partake in our services and pay for services rendered without you having to worry about this aspect of coming to White Deer Run.

Confirming My Benefits

How Can I Confirm My Aetna Benefits?

As an Aetna insurance policy holder, you have the option to contact Aetna to confirm if your benefits will cover the cost of treatment at White Deer Run. However, if you would like to begin drug rehab services at our center sooner rather than later, you can contact our admissions team so that we can confirm your benefits for you during your admissions assessment. At White Deer Run, we are happy to work with you in any capacity that we can to ensure that you are fully aware of the financial aspect of our services so that you can begin the road to recovery today.

Feel free to contact our staff at your convenience to learn about the options for care that we have to offer in addition to drug rehab services, and to ask any questions that you may have about using your Aetna insurance to pay for treatment at White Deer Run. We look forward to working with you and helping you reach your recovery goals.

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