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Lebanon, PA’s Local Drug & Alcohol Support Groups

12-Step Support Near Lebanon, PA

Across the nation, 12-Step programming is widely recognized for how it has helped numerous individuals overcome drug and alcohol addictions. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings will introduce you to the 12-Steps, as well as support you as you work to implement them into your life. The support you can obtain through this community connection can help you continue to achieve success in your recovery.

Local Resources

When you complete professional treatment, your providers will supply you with an aftercare plan that will help you maintain your recovery. In most instances, this plan will include encouragement to participate in 12-Step programming such as AA or NA.

As you transition out of treatment and begin attending meetings, you will be given the opportunity to talk about your experiences in an anonymous setting, as well as learn as others share their experiences with addiction. Doing so can help elicit life-saving insights, healthy coping abilities, and an unmatched sense of support.

To find meetings in Lebanon County, please visit the links below:

Groups for Depression & Bipolar Disorder

Should you also be experiencing symptoms of depression and/or bipolar disorder, Lebanon County also has options for support groups that you can attend. Connecting with others who are personally impacted by the effects of either of these disorders can help you better manage your symptoms, as well as give you an appropriate outlet. To locate support groups for depression and/or bipolar disorder, please click on the link below:

Depression and Bipolar Support

For Loved Ones

Watching someone you care for experience drug and alcohol addiction can be heartbreaking, frustrating, and upsetting. You might begin to feel worn down and hopeless by your efforts to help your loved one make positive changes. It is important that during this difficult time, you do not neglect your own needs. By reaching out for community support, you can take care of your own wellbeing so that you can be an effective influence in your loved one’s life.

Al-Anon is a 12-Step based program that is geared towards helping the loved ones of an addict or an alcoholic. By attending Al-Anon meetings, you can gather with those who are affected by this disease and share your experiences as you listen to those of others. Al-Anon has the power to help you put words to the emotions you are feeling, find healthier ways to cope, and feel the love and support you need to keep going.

To find an Al-Anon meeting near you, please click below:

Making the Most of Meetings

When you decide on meetings in your area that you feel are right for you, it can be helpful to participate in them as much as possible so that you can receive the greatest benefits. Throughout Lebanon, PA, citizens have utilized AA, NA, Al-Anon, and other support groups to overcome several challenges, and you can, too. When you are feeling stable in your recovery, you can provide that same support to the community.

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